I usually work on prints in series, subject related, using a wide range of printmaking mediums, including monotype and monoprint, etching, photopolymer gravure, collagraph, embossing and debossing, letterpress, linocut and mixed media prints.


Book arts

I am a member of Stroud Artists Books, and The Book Band. At SAB we make books on a different theme every month. The Book Band makes artists books in collaboration. I often use poetry and print in my books.

About the Artist

Tricia obtained her MA Fine Art in printmaking in 2006. She has exhibited widely, mainly in Gloucestershire, London, but also in a number of collaborative exhibitions abroad, including Cuba and Europe.  She helped set up the Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative in 2005 and was administrator and Chairman until 2014. She was director of the IMPRESS printmaking Festival until 2015.

She is married to the poet, Michael Henry (

Artist's Statement

I mostly work on prints in series. Previous series have related to aspects of the human body, to alchemy, science in general, and to the natural world. I make fine-art prints that use texture and colour as the driving force. I also like to involve different photographic processes, including photograms, cyanotype and photopolymer gravure. Poetry is one of my passions, and I involve poetry both in printmaking and in making artist’s books.

The last sets of prints in series have been:

  • The Flourish of Alchemy
  • Molecule series: a view of 6 of the molecular structures of the human body
  • ‘Genius Loci’, which shows a series of small landscapes using deep blue to encompass the essence of place, rather than the detail.
  • Megaliths: The latest work is related to standing stones and Menhirs.

Latest News

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