Printmaking & Book Art

I work usually on prints in series, subject related. I use a wide variety of printmaking mediums, including monotype and monoprint, etching and photopolymer gravure, collagraph, embossing and multi-media print, with the addition of some wood and lino cuts, and screen print.


I also work in designing and making artist’s books. Generally, these books contain poetry.


Previous and current exhibitions include :


  • The Silk Road
  • Alchemy, the Orrery and the Transformation of Metals
  • Sonnet Sequence
  • Fugitive Dark
  • The Metaphysical Body
  • Cave Icons
  • Art is poetry (featuring the poems of Yeats, Lorca and others)
  • Artist Books

You can see some examples of work below.


SILK ROAD – view work

ALCHEMY – view work

ARTIST BOOKS – view work

FUGITIVE DARK – view work


ART IS POETRY – view work

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