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Printmaking & Book Art

I work usually on prints in series, subject related. I use a wide variety of printmaking mediums, including monotype and monoprint, etching and photopolymer gravure, collagraph, embossing and multi-media print, with the addition of some wood and lino cuts, and screen print.

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Griffin Press

Griffin Press is a new pamphlet/ small booklet press which focuses on short sequences and collaborations, especially of art and poetry, or of two voices (or more). The press also publishes exhibition and art series catalogues.

About the Artist

Tricia obtained her MA Fine Art (printmaking) in 2006. She has exhibited widely. She helped set up the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative in 2005 (based in Stroud), and was administrator of this until 2014. She is Director of the Impress International Printmaking Festival, a biannual event from the GPC.


She is also a member of Cheltenham Open Studios and Stroud Valleys Open Studios.


She is married to the poet, Michael Henry (

Artist’s Statement

I mostly work on prints in series.


Previous series have related to the human body in different ways. Mostly there is a metaphorical background to the work. Some of these works present views from an extra-corporeal perspective and others from an internal landscape, likening this to the external world.


Most recently I have been developing work related to alchemy – both 2D and 3D work. The series starts with the alchemical concepts of transmutation of metals, works through some of the cryptic symbolism attached to the idea and practice of early alchemists, and is now continuing with the idea of the textures and colour changes in the degradation of metals.


Alongside my printmaking practice I am also making artist books, presenting poetry in art has become a passion.

Latest News

Tricia’s exhibition, ‘Fugitive Dark’ is currently on show in the gallery outside Radiology 2, the Star Gallery, at Cheltenham Hospital. The exhibition is called ‘Fugitive Dark’. This is a translation of the Latin Amaurosis Fugax, a transient loss of vision in one eye, related to Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome....

Tricia won a ‘commended’ in 2016’s Hippocrates Poetry Prize for a Medical Poem for a poem entitled “Allegories of Separation”....

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